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Start Now offers administrative services which can effectively assist individuals, town planners, engineers, developers and project managers with the establishment of townships, medium to high density residential developments, airports, aerodrome, harbours, office, business development, industrial and commercial sectors, major and minor impact developments, business nodes, development corridors, hotels, restaurants, pubs, casinos, gaming and lodging,as well as game reserves. Golf estates, golf clubs, Leisure, Retail & Site Licensing (Filling stations) shopping complex and squares. Community Development & Co-ordination, Local Economic Development, Spatial Injustice, Urban Resilience & Sustainability, Communal Land and conflict Resolution, Formalization of Settlements. Illegal Land Uses & Municipal Contravention Notices including matters relating to Legal Court Proceedings.

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Retail and Site Licensing (Filling Station, Shopping, Retail & Business Licensing)
Municipal Consent & Liquor Licensing
Casino, Entertainment and Gaming

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Municipal Compliance Enquiries

Township Establishment Process, Approval of Application, Section 101, Opening of Township Register, Proclamation
Rezoning of Property Process, Amendment Scheme, Approval of Application Promulgation

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Title Deed Enquiries

Removal of Restrictive Conditions
Title Deed Search
Property Search

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Building Plans and Mapping

Site Development Plans, Building Plans
Site Plans
Locality Map

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Urban and Spatial Design

Spatial Development Framework
Urban Concept Plan
Urban and Planning Design

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Engineering Design

Storm Water Management Plan
Traffic Impact Studies
Water and Sewer Design

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Want to Open a Pub or Restaurant?

We can help you open a pub, restaurant, tavern, shebeen, sports betting lounge, etc.

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Need Municipality Consent?

We can help you with municipality consent, special consent written consent, etc.

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Looking for a Company?

We can help perform a company search, ownership and contact details.

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