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What We Do offers administrative services which can effectively assist town planners, developers and project managers with the establishment of townships.


  • Retail and Site Licensing (Filling Station, Shopping, Retail & Business Licensing)
  • Municipal Consent & Liquor Licensing
  • Casino, Entertainment and Gaming
  • Pub, Restaurant, Tavern, Shebeen, Sports Betting Lounge
  • Business License
  • Business and Office Development Rights
  • Hotel and Guest House Establishment
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Municipal Compliance Enquiries

  • Township Establishment Process, Approval of Application, Section 101, Opening of Township Register, Proclamation
  • Rezoning of Property Process, Amendment Scheme, Approval of Application Promulgation.
  • Subdivision of Property Process, Approval of Subdivision Application, Land Surveying and Approval of S.G. Diagram, Regulations 38
  • Municipality Consent, Special Consent Written Consent
  • Road Closures, Park Closures
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Title Deed Enquiries

  • Removal of Restrictive Conditions
  • Title Deed Search
  • Property Search
  • Ownership / Name Search
  • Company Search
  • Ownership and Contact Details
  • Right of Way Servitude
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Building Plans and Mapping

  • Site Development Plans, Building Plans
  • Site Plans
  • Locality Map
  • Zoning Map
  • Land Use Map
  • Township Layout Design
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Urban and Spatial Design

  • Spatial Development Framework
  • Urban Concept Plan
  • Urban and Planning Design
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Engineering Design

  • Storm Water Management Plan
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Water and Sewer Design
  • Bulk Services Report
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Authorization
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